Here’s a look back on some of the highlights of 2018’s blog! It’s been a tremendous year for many reasons – many project successes and lots of fun included – even some hot weather thrown in for good measure. We want to thank everyone who helped make this year so worthwhile! Here’s a look back through the months!

January: Start as we mean to go on! We started the year by throwing a spotlight on Women in Architecture. We happen to be an all-girl team at Dairy Studios and we work alongside some incredible people who respect us as we are. We appreciate it and want to be a driving force behind equality in the architecture & design sector.

Woman Architect of the Year: Shortlist

February: If there is winter sun available we’ll take it! A look at some of the stunning architecture and art in Athens on a short trip away with Wylde IA’s Harriet.

Athens Art and Architecture


March: A quick preview at one of our recently completed projects for BNP Paribas in Belfast.

Project Preview: BNP Paribas Belfast


April: As we launched into our annual Happiest Workplace competition season – we discussed what simple things can be introduced to a space that can make all the difference. We’ve said it before and we’ll just keep saying it – not only are plants beautiful but they’re good for you!

Wyldelife : Plants & Positivity


May: Can you believe our summer was as hot as it was?! It seems like a distant memory now that winter is making itself comfortable. After a particularly harsh winter that run all the way into winter, doesn’t it seem strange that the following month got so warm, so quickly? Here’s a look at housing built for hotter climates.

Hot Weather Housing


June: One of our busiest months, but somehow every year we still make time to travel to London for Clerkenwell Design Weeks and the spectacular Chelsea Flower Show. In the sunshine too!

Clerkenwell Design Week

July: The Happiest Workplace Competition of 2018 was launched and we delved deeper into happiness and wellbeing and work with the benefits it brings to your business, productivity and mood!

Happiness at Work


August: Well we are jolly proud of our Max! Check out this interview of Wylde IA Director Maxine Bennett as she talks to Bristol Business News about the things she loves and her words of advice!

The LAST WORD: Maxine Bennett, Director, Wylde IA

September: Rethinking how we obtain happiness. If you didn’t read our other blogs we suggest reading this one as it will transform your life! No really, being happy should be a priority and we think there isn’t enough emphasis on this in the world today!

The Happiness Revolution


October: Fantastic Without Plastic. How to transform our habits and do your bit to save the oceans and our planet!

Fantastic With Out Plastic

November: This was the month we held the Wylde IA Happiest Workplace Awards! This year the standard of entries far exceeded our expectations. The South West is full of exciting, vibrant companies prioritising staff happiness and wellbeing which is wonderful to see!

Happiest Workplace Winners 2018


December: If you follow our Instagram then you got to see the photos and stories from our Wylde Christmas night out… (if you don’t then you should! @WyldeIA) Here’s a snuggly blog for you to read as you practice the Danish culture of Hygge.

Have some Hygge!