We’ve only gone and done it again. Bristol has been crowned the UK’s most artistic city as a result of a survey hosted by the UK’s largest hotel brand Premier Inn. When looking for a city to explore or take a weekend break, there are several factors we take into account and more often than not these all focus on the Arts. The hotel chain conducted a survey that compiled data that would show how well our cities represent creativity. The calculation was made from the number of art galleries and museums, how many live music nights and gigs are on a week, the amount of street art and how many theatres scored against the size of the city itself.

As a Bristol based creative company it can be easy to forget how spoilt for choice we are in our city – we have a plethora of galleries, creative initiatives, exciting pop-ups and too many musical events to even choose from, every day of the week! We are of course globally renowned for the artwork that adorns our buildings and streets. Bristol is home to Europe’s largest Street Art Festival “Upfest” and our claim to fame is Banksy. It’s worth mentioning that it’s not just the household stencil artist name that attracts tourists in their thousands to visit our city, it’s the other creatives making international waves such as Aardman, Massive Attack, Portishead, Pieminister, Inkie and so many more!

“One of Bristol’s claims to fame is being the home of the world’s most famous graffiti artist Banksy, so it’s no surprise that this southwest city has been named the most artistic in the country. There is a wealth of artistic activities to pursue, but its street art is perhaps the most memorable. Enjoy some of the best graffiti in the country just by taking a stroll around this beautiful city.”

We’re glad we’re top of the list as we believe Bristol should be recognised for it’s efforts in challenging the diminishing appreciation and funding for the Arts sector. We’ve always been a quirky city but it seems in the last decade Bristol has come into it’s own with innovation, start up and tech organisations thriving, paving the way for fresh talent.

It’s unsurprising perhaps, that Brighton scored closely second followed by Manchester, London and then Glasgow. We love our Brizzle! – With so many pockets of exciting, ground breaking and sometimes downright weird creations happening across the city, this is one award we think cannot be contested!

We’ve collected some of our favourite snapshots of the arts hub that is Bristol to get your inspired and brighten up your Tuesday!