As you may know, we’re all crochet mad here at Dairy Studios – which combined with being proudly Bristolian, makes a fantastic combination for this week’s blog topic! We’re looking back at Crafting The City’s knitted phenomena appropriately named ‘Briswool’.

The idea was first crafted in 2013 by Vicky Harrison after a suggestion was made to create a Bristolian cityscape after seeing a knitted London skyline. The idea the developed into a technical challenge for those who wanted to get involved and create significant buildings or pieces of Bristol that meant something to them.

One of the things we particularly love about this project (alongside the immensely impressive creations) is the inclusiveness and community involvement aspect. Many people have been involved in the process, from creating crocheted wonders from crochet patterns designed by Harrison, other makers such as the Matthew (created by Sian) and Suspension Bridge (created by Joy) and everyone who helped chip in making the thousands of tiny small green squares and tiles for the landscape.

Vicky Harrison is an artist, facilitator and landscaper who instigated, lead and directed the Briswool Crafting The City project which eventually went on display at the M Shed followed by Bristol Energy and has been visited by over 40,000 people!

There has been considered planning, workshops, revisions and building which feels like a very recognisable system of events for us at Wylde IA – only on a small, soft, knitted scale! That being said, for a crocheted wonderland, this display is actually of quite significant proportions and we absolutely love the way it captures Bristol’s unique, colourful and captivating spirit!

Expanding on the success of Briswool, Crafting the city are designing creative projects and events that offer opportunities for community involvement and social connections. The organisation are setting up skill sharing and workshops to improve techniques across all sorts of textile-based creative skills.

We absolutely love these projects, from the floating hot air balloons above the bridge to the brightly coloured Totterdown houses and Bristol Memorial Building. After seeing the life size crochet crocodile down by the dockside, we’re not sure what to expect next. What we do know, is us Wylde girls need to step up our crocheting game!

Check out the amazing project portfolio here;