We’re big coffee drinkers here at Wylde IA, with the aroma of roast coffee beans often filling Dairy Studios several times a day. Along with our passion for coffee, we’ve been hanging out in the Dairy Studio library reading the ‘Best of Coffee Shop Design’ by Braun Publishing. As Dagmar Glück describes it “coffee is the international cult drink” and its therefore crucial that the spaces for consuming coffee fulfills expectations and delivers a worthy experience!

The book takes your through the history and heritage of designing coffeehouses, paying tribute to the ceremonial-like traditions and the architectural trends for these important spaces. At Wylde IA we’ve designed and created several cafes and we know what it takes to create the perfect space to relax or meet informally whilst representing an organisations brand identity in a carefully considered manner.

Cafes are places of communication – the design needs to cater to an inspiring and communicative atmosphere; a place where conversations are held and ideas are brewed and discussed. At the same time, this space needs to be practical and functional in order to succeed as a business with the design demanding ease of use, ease of service and ease of cleaning. Coffeehouse design challenges the designer in several ways as a realistic, practical project whilst being aesthetically captivating in order to encourage return custom.

We’ve created a gallery of some of our favourite cafe designs – some found projects which we think represent how versatile and flexible cafe design can be and of course, some of our very own design schemes including The Meadow at Three, our bright and bold cafe space at MotoNovo, a twist on a traditional cafe space at Hartham Park and a clean yet homely coffee-kitchen area for Alliance Pharma.

“It is often required to integrate a cafe into an overarching spatial concept… less private than your living room, the cafe is a homey retreat for the first date, a chat with your best friend or a relaxed business meeting. A cafe is a half-public space.”