In a world where everything we could possibly imagine is available at the touch of a button or click of a mouse, we’re looking into what it means to be designers in the digital age. As interior designers we’re always using the latest technology to enhance and improve our projects and design schemes.  Right from our initial conversations via instant international conference calls, to visualisations created with up-to-the-minute CGI and design programmes and immediate access to sample and furnishing solutions all the way through to the implementation of intelligent systems with our projects. However, we like to keep it real, we do believe that whilst the opportunities available through digitalisation are impressive, they are not the be all and end all.

One thing that is crucial to the successful design and performance of an interior design scheme is the human experience. We make spaces that work for our clients, we become them – in order to understand what they need and how to build an environment that is considered and beneficial to the users. Not only do real conversations heed to happen, but involvement and participation is key to gaining the knowledge needed to provide practical solutions.

Andrew Keen is a well known critic of the ‘Digital Revolution’ who studies the unintended consequences of digitalisation and global internet domination and we think he summarises it perfectly;

“Technology is never the answer. It is part of the solution.”

We always take it back to freehand sketches and jotting down notes whilst meeting over coffee, because there is something invaluable about that personal connection, understanding and experience. Also, as we all know – reliance on technology, isn’t flawless (and it’s always when you need it most!)…

It’s important to remember that we created technology, out of ideas we had and designs we developed before technology. We are heading rapidly towards a smart society – where you can search, track, pay, buy and contact from your pocket, we’re trying to explore what it means to be human in the digital world. Particularly as designers, we’re creatively figuring out solutions and that in itself is what it means to be human.

As partners on several Scandinavian projects, there are many attributes and ways of life we adopt as our own in Dairy Studios including the Swedish concept of ‘Fika’. Often translated as ‘coffee and cake break’ Fika is an attitude and state of mind that transforms workplace cultures. Fika means much more than a treat and a hot drink, it’s all about the importance of interpersonal connection and relationship building which is vital for progressive and successful business.

In a world where artificial intelligence, technology and digitalism are daily norms – have some cake and a natter!