We know that you’re all being absolutely bombarded with Christmas reminders – Have you bought all your presents? What are you going to eat? Who are you going to see? For our blog this week, we wanted to keep it winter related but give you a break from the stress of the festivities and so are taking a look at some of the stunning, naturally occurring design in nature.

Supplying you with the perfect subject to get you ready for some serious hibernation – we’ve gathered some of our favourite winter photographs – all natural phenomena that will make you remember that winter can be a spectacularly beautiful season. It’s worth taking in the visual treats that only exist at the darkest, coldest time of the year. From the sharp (rare) sunlight, to the sparkling frost on the ground – as designers we’re really aware of our surroundings and are constantly inspired by visual imagery and stimuli.

We believe the differences that occur with the changes of the seasons are fascinating, yet in a world where we barely stop to take in our surroundings, they are often missed or overlooked. The change in the weather creates an environment where light bounces off snow and is warped by ice, physically changing landscapes and adjusting the way we experience our world. Imagine if we saw the planet in the same way bees do – where UV and light play such an important role in their vision that winter and summer are actually different places!

Even though we spend a lot of our time designing brand schemes and colour palettes for our projects, even we didn’t know that snow isn’t really white – The sides of snowflakes reflect light. All the colours in the spectrum scatter out from the snow in roughly equal proportions. This equal distribution of colours is perceived by us as whiteness.

Here’s a fact for around the Christmas table, it’s true – every single snow flake is different!

“Every snowflake has a basic six-sided structure, but its spiralling descent through the air sculpts each hexagon in a unique way: the minutest variations in air temperature or moisture can — and do — make all the difference.” Thinking in Numbers – Daniel Tammet

Check out some of these stunning wintery photos that we’ve discovered from across the internet. Have a wonderful Christmas from all of the Wylde IA team!