To start this wintery month we’re looking at the effectiveness of fabrics! As Interior Designers we’re constantly searching for new design solutions and creative elements that can complete a design scheme. It’s not all about colour matching, but the texture and feel of fabrics can alter or enhance the experience of a space. We like to introduce a wide range of textiles into our schemes to help set a tone or bring elements together for a finished appearance.

Part of our role as consultants and interior designers is to create and coordinate a space that works, is an intelligent solution to the demands or functionality for the client but also one that looks stunning. There are many elements to juggle to create a success interior design scheme including colours, surface finishes, furniture, and decorative pieces. From the flooring, the soft furnishings and textiles used on the walls or to bring a fun element, create a relaxed or sophisticated feel to a room.

For the Moto Novo project we completed alongside Morgan Lovell we had a huge focus on textures and using fabrics to make this office stand out against the rest. We worked alongside Morgan Lovell and the client team to provide a dynamic workplace that houses over 800 desks, spread across 71,500 sq ft of space. In order to break this into a series of intimate spaces, we used contrasting colours, textures and colours to define each area. While the workstations are lit with bright primary colours, the meeting rooms and client areas feature biophilic touches through the form of wooden panelling and slate walls. With such a vast floor space, we used contrasting textures and colours on the carpet to create micro-areas within the open plan area.

We’ve got an entire space at our studio dedicated to samples so we can achieve great results with every project we do. From school science labs, to restaurants and entire workplace schemes we use fabrics and textiles to complete the look and feel of a place.

We’ve created a gallery of some of our favourite textile-focussed projects. Enjoy!