New year, new attitudes to mental health and well-being in the workplace. With the turn of the new year it’s a good time to start new practices and be more disciplined regarding certain aspects of our lives. With an increasingly large percentage of our lives being spent at work it’s really important that well-being is integrated into our every day routines.

January is the month we strive to be better versions of ourselves and strip back the overindulgence of the last few weeks – which often results in quite extreme fads such as ‘Veganuary’. It’s the perfect time to be trying something new, but perhaps intense, short-lived proposals aren’t the way forward. At Wylde IA we believe in designing and creating long term solutions for businesses – we create spaces that work for organisations and their employees.

Every successful company has a happy, healthy workforce behind it and we think every business should have a new year’s resolution focused on well-being. We’re sharing our tips in best practicing well-being in and out of the office this year. Find your support network. January can be a particularly hard time of year. As the joy of the festivities fades the stark reality of winter can hit quite hard, along with financial pressures and (let’s be honest) some pretty dismal weather conditions – it’s really important you have someone you can talk to and rely on when you’re in need of support.

Having support in the workplace not only gives piece of mind for when things get difficult but has been proven to enhance productivity. Having someone to talk to can have a huge impact on your workload – with accountability and support thrown into the mix, work gets done!

Be open about mental health. The stigma needs to be squashed and in order to do this, awareness needs to be prioritised especially in the workplace. Progress has been made over the last few years, but continuous communication and discussion needs to happen in order for perceptions to change. Guidance and training should be offered to managers to promote confidence in noticing someone who may be struggling or feeling comfortable having conversations around mental health and well-being.

Communicate more effectively. In real life and online – interact and be present, people will respond positively and it could benefit your workload. Delegate – if someone could do what takes your half a day in an hour, then ask. Use your time more effectively and offer support and help to others. Discuss your ideas and project plans with others, they will help make your ambitions a reality – even saying things out loud can make ideas more real!

To finish – look after yourself. Eat well, exercise and get enough sleep – a healthy, well rested you and a much more effective you!

Happy New Year.