The ever changing face of technology has the demand for state-of-the-art design solutions for educational centres, universities and schools. Engaging and interactive learning spaces are crucial for successful educational practice and learning. Wylde IA have worked on several educational interior design schemes and we understand the complex utilisation of timetabled activities with the evolution of teaching styles and technology. We believe that a hands-on approach working with our clients and the people who are actually going to require and use the space to teach and to learn. Opening up dialogue and having detailed conversations and discussions around the spatial demands of the school, college, university or workplace allows us to suggest areas for improvement, re-modelling or something more substantial.

It’s more necessary than ever to include advances in technology, furniture, materials and practices to ensure an inclusive space for collaborative and formal teaching with adaptable environments to support and inspire. The role of the interior designer in an educational space is to understand how to get the best from that learning environment, providing in-sight into how to get the most out of the physical space, whilst also creating environments that students of all ages and staff will want to be a part of. 

At Wylde, we start by reviewing the spaces you already have, looking for opportunities to increase usability by seeing the potential that is often overlooked and enhancing the student experience. Projects can be as simple as a way-finding, branding or communication scheme for a relatively low cost, to a substantial reorganisaton and refurbishment that might involve a number of areas. However big or small we bring a huge amount of enthusiasm to the project.

One of the most exciting aspects of designing for an educational environment is the need to listen and be informed by the participants using the space and responding in a way that will create a beneficial and impactful learning space. We’ve created spaces that cater to young children through to young adults and all of our designs require us to see the space through their eyes. Using visual stimuli such as specific colours and artwork is a really powerful way of creating an engaging and inspirational space. The teachers and the students have to enjoy the environment they are in, in order to learn in the most effective and rewarding way which actually allows us as the designer to play with some really exciting and innovative design concepts!

We’ve gathered some of our favourite educational projects and design elements for learning that we’ve worked on for you to enjoy!