<strong>Tracey Wylde</strong>
Tracey WyldeDirector
WORK: Solving 3D puzzles and doodling… oh and interior design and company management

LEARN: Trained at Middlesex Polytechnic (University)

REST: Umm this sounds like a nice idea

PLAY: Hobbies include swimming & walking Eric the Border Terrorist

<strong>Maxine Bennett</strong>
Maxine BennettDirector
WORK: Interior design and company management

LEARN: Trained at Hull School of Architecture and a bit at The Bauhaus

REST: Coming to work and getting a nice hot drink!

PLAY: Hobbies include camper-vanning, making stuff, cooking stuff, Playmobil and brio

<strong>Amy Stone</strong>
Amy StoneAssociate
WORK: Architectural and interior design

LEARN: Qualified Architect after many years of study at University of West of England

REST: On the rare occasion it happens – lying in the sun!

PLAY: Hobbies include dancing, all things crafty and walking Zara the fox red Labrador


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