Each week Bristol Business News gives a prominent member of the city’s business community the last word on its weekly e-bulletin. Last week our every own, Maxine Bennett, director of Wylde IA, answers their 10 questions.

What was the LAST:

Film you watched? A short film by a Bristol filmmaker and friend of mine Robin Toyne called Mad about Elvis. It’s a beautiful documentary film for the BBC’s ‘In our Lives’ series about the Porthcawl Elvis Festival – an astonishing event where Elvis impersonators from around the world congregate in a small Welsh town. It’s a touching film that makes you realise the importance of belonging to a ‘tribe’ and doing what makes you happy. This is something we focus on a lot in our work – helping create spaces that bring people joy but also help them belong to the ‘tribe’ that is their workplace.

Book you read? The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber. It was reaffirming to read this book. As an entrepreneur as well as a designer, it’s worth remembering now and again to take stock of why it is that you do what you do.

Music you bought/downloaded? Damned Devotion by Joan as Policewoman. I saw her at St George’s – a friend gave me a ticket and I had never really followed her music. I was instantly bowled over by her passion for her music. Her voice was magical in the amazing acoustics in the former chapel and she was so engaging.

Concert or play you went to? I am crazy about music so I make sure I book at least one live music ticket a month. Live music gives me so much joy and makes me feel truly alive. I saw The Breeders, who are alarmingly talented musicians in their 50s, in Bristol. They are still influential and drawing crowds across all age groups. It just shows that music has the power to unite people.

Sporting event you attended? I did a Triathlon! The Portishead Sri Chimnoy. I wear my t-shirt all the time, I can’t believe I did it. For me to do sport I need a goal and I needed to set aside some time for myself. I am always in awe of triathletes so I thought I should try it! I didn’t care about the time or the pain, I just wanted to have something to achieve for myself. I also learnt a little about Sri Chimnoy and his wise words. It’s important to focus on the successes and not see disappointment in failures.

Holiday you went on? Camping. I’m a real outdoors person so if I’m not at work I’m either on a camping trip or planning one. My husband’s siblings organise a mini camping festival to get us all together each year. T-shirts are printed and there’s plenty of campfire shenanigans and lots of sibling rivalry. It’s hilarious. A real high point in our family’s calendar.

Restaurant you ate in? I took my design team to Boca Bar at Paintworks in Bristol last Friday. It was a celebration as we survived a really hectic week getting a tender out the door for one of our international clients. We had wraps and non-alcoholic cocktails and a wander around the new development and a chance to reconnect.

Thing that annoyed you? Litter! I cycled past the children’s park this morning and the kids play space was full of litter accumulated from the hot weekend. It makes me so annoyed that austerity is having such a fundamental effect on the way that our children will grow up. The parks in Bristol are really underfunded and, as a result, they are turning into places people don’t want to visit and giving children less opportunity to get outdoors independently. For some kids these green spaces are the only outdoor spaces they have. They should be cherished.

Thing that made you laugh out loud? I have literally laughed out loud five times today before 10am. I had a typically fraught Monday morning – flat tyre on my bicycle, lost keys, dodging the traffic, forgetting my laptop charger…blah blah. However, the office was full of smiling faces and morning banter and it brought me out of my stupor and helped me ‘reset’. People are everything in a small business and having the right team around you can be the difference between a bad start to the week and a good one.

Piece of good advice you were given?  As emblazoned on my Triathlon t-shirt and a good mantra for running, life and business:

“The determination in your heroic effort
Will permeate your mind and heart
Even after your success or failure
Is long forgotten.”

Sri Chinmoy, Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 98, Agni Press, 1983

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