This week we’re looking at the BCO Awards. The British Council for Offices’ celebrates best practice in all aspects of the office sector and acts as Britain’s leading forum for the discussion and debate of related topics. The members research, develop and communicate their methods of creating, acquiring and occupying office spaces which creates a platform providing an understanding of how to create more effective office environments.

The BCO was established in 1990, and advocates diversity, inclusivity across the industry, highlighted by it’s own members and Board. The BCO Awards showcase the most advanced projects that create environments that promote productivity – as they say, these are the office designs that are “Delivering places that help people and businesses thrive”.

The awards programme highlights the very best workplace designs and provides a benchmark for top quality office spaces. A panel of industry experts decide which projects meet the criteria for one of the most valued accolades in the property industry, with regional prizes available and prizes categorised on project size. WyldeIA became the 2014 Regional Winner for Corporate Workplace in the Midlands and East Anglia with our SECO UK project.


British Council for Offices celebrate the projects that are forward thinking whilst putting their people at the heart of their workplaces. Flexible spaces that represent the brand identity of the organisation and respond to the demands and needs of the workforce. Here’s what was said about our project;

“The project team did exceptionally well in blending together a specialist industrial facility with a dynamic business place that offers a rich variety of working environments. Whilst clearly part of a large international organisation the team has achieved an outstanding result which has its own identity.

The result enables collaborative working and knowledge sharing in an inspirational environment, encouraging the Seco team to develop best practices in its core business.

The staff needs have been truly taken care of; there is an on-site gym, wonderful catering facilities  – which even include an ice cream machine- and stimulating breakout spaces. The creation of a wild flower meadow at the front of the site, giving the occupants a wonderful aspect, was an inspiration.

Seco strives for high efficiency in the use of energy and natural resources in accordance with the ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ principle and this building helps it achieve this.

As part of a large international organisation the team has achieved an outstanding result which has its own identity. This development is a shining example of how to rejuvenate intelligently a tired industrial building. ”

After going on to receive awards our design scheme has been rolled out worldwide across SECOs workplaces. You can also check out the most recent BCO Award winners here.