The design of our built environment positively impacts our health, community, global sustainability,and our energy systems. Fascination with the structures that surround us, isn’t just about the aesthetics but the purpose and use of these buildings, the stories they tell and the role they have in our lives. Love of architecture and interior design means love of space and how best to use it.

As human beings, buildings are where we spend the majority of our lives. It seems fairly straight forward to suggest that there is a definite and direct connotation between quality of a physical space and the effect it has on the people how inhabit and use that space but there is evidence to suggest good architectural and interior design  has much more of a wide reaching impact.

The built environment around us determines to a significant extent, our health and wellbeing. It’s an investment for a business to provide well designed spaces to ensure their employees are at their most productive and most creative. Cheap design, in the long run, will be detrimental to everyone who uses, owns and inhabits the spaces.

Obviously, on the data-heavy side of this conversation, is the energy usage and consumption related to building design and all good design practice involves a real awareness and desire to ‘do-better’ and think green. In the same vein, construction itself, is responsible for a huge proportion of energy-use, climate change, pollution and waste – and that’s after the destruction and deforestation of natural land. So, with all this in mind – what is good building design?

Good design is all about making good choices. From the practices in building to the materials used and sourcing, the impact on the occupiers due to accessibility, aesthetics and practicality. Good design in the built environment transforms our landscapes, our neighbourhoods but also how we use our urban spaces. Changing spaces, changes behaviours – it needs to be considerate, invigorating and engaging.

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