Wylde Interior Architecture are proud to be celebrating 18 years of business this year… so what better excuse to throw a party!?

Our good friend Gemma at Another World Events was given the task of planning the event and ensuring a party to end all parties!

Averys Wine Cellars was totally transformed into a magical and enchanted woodland wonderland! Bemused but none the less intrigued guests entered through the leafy, candle lit corridor where they were greeted by woodland nymphs weilding ‘delicious woodland nectar’. Through the tree lined walkway a light show of beautiful, scenic images in all the colours of autumn set the scene.

Guests were treated to a yummy dinner of winter stew with dumplings courtesy of Kate’s Kitchen. The folk band were soon in full swing and with the help of the woodland nymphs everybody was rounded up and pushed onto the dance floor!


A brilliant, fun and different night had by all. Bring on next year!