This week we’re focussing on interior design to boost our mood! It’s summer and whilst we’re navigating uncertain times, we want to use this space to inspire you and bring some brightness to your day. Whether you’re back in the office or firmly settled into your work-from-home routine, we’re here to add a splash of summer into your interior design.

The idea this year is to bring the summer holidays and sunshine direct to you. We’re talking indoor tropical plants, hot oranges and sunset yellows, as much natural light as we can get with nods to the mediterranean in our furnishings and textiles. It’s not about redecorating the entire space, it’s all about adding touches that can be altered and adapted with the seasons.

One of our favourite solutions to a summer in the UK, is pretending you’re elsewhere! Pick a warmer climate and theme your space around it. Jazz up a neutral space with patterned textiles, new artwork and plants. Bring the desert to your desk with bright Navajo-style geometric printed textiles complimented with a few desk cacti! Artwork is an instant solution to imagining crystal clear seas and white beaches – get something you can look at and remind you of what’s in the future!

We love the warm oranges and rusty red colour palettes that when complimented with gold and copper accents or ornate tiles instantly reminds us of a Moroccan heatwave. You could spice up your workspace with bold frames, new curtains or if we’re keeping it simple, you could even use a beautiful tile for a coaster – as long as you are giving yourself positive reminders and hot weather vibes!

Whilst we’re gathering information and writing articles to help keep you informed whilst navigating through the current pandemic we also appreciate the need for a break from it. Our next Wylde Ways of Working: Covid article will be back in the coming weeks, to guide and reassure organisations – after all, we’re award winning interior designers specialising in workplace consultancy and space strategy – this is what we do best!

Until then, we’ve gathered some hot-weather content that can help inspire your own interior design… Enjoy!