For the first blog of 2020, we’re thinking about January Ambitions. We’ve decided to skirt around the term ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ because we actually think that getting back into the swing of things after December, is ambitious enough! After the chaos of rounding projects up, Christmas parties, travelling to see family – all that eating and drinking – becoming the best version of ourselves isn’t a realistic goal for the moment December turns to January! At WyldeIA we believe in long term, achievable and sustainable solutions in the design world, but we also translate this into our own lives too, both professionally and personally.

Now that we’re in the roaring twenties we’re thinking about our vision and aspirations for the year ahead. We’re not talking diet or gym routines, we’re manifesting ways of working that are going to benefit us as a team and the projects we’re working on.

Last year presented all kinds of challenges and developments for WyldeIA and so we’re using the turn of the decade to implement new ideas, fresh thinking and boost our creativity and focus as a team. One thing we do believe is that change doesn’t have to happen annually or just in January, but is a gradual and constant movement that should be embraced and worked with consistently!

We’re looking to build on our strengths and celebrate our expertise, so here are some of our focus points we wanted to share with you. As an organisation that has many different projects going on at the same time, we’re making sure to maintain our immense scheduling strategies which allow us to be on site with clients, be designing in the studio, network and connect with our partners and suppliers whilst finding time to re-group weekly to catch up together.

Something we’ve been more and more aware of in recent years is our footprint as an organisation. We are always looking for ways to make our projects greener, more efficient and more sustainable. The nature of the construction industry means working with many different companies, transport, materials and contractors and often it is our responsibility as consultants to ensure we use local suppliers, sustainable materials and economical solutions in our projects.

WyldeIA are excited to build, maintain and expand our relationships. We work directly with clients and in partnership with surveyors, property developers & landlords, 3rd party suppliers, architects and fit-out companies to create inspiring places to work, learn, rest & play. Give us a call or drop in for a coffee, we’d love to hear from you!