Following the completion of one of our more recent projects, we’re looking at lobby and reception area design and it’s importance. An often overlooked area in terms of interior design, the entrance space of any building is where all guests and users get their first (and lasting!) impression of a place. Lobbies are the spaces often housed in public buildings where there are multiple businesses located. The design of these spaces has to cater to a range of functions; a meeting space, an area to relax as well as being the introduction to the building and all of it’s organisations and people!

Interior architecture is a combination of science and art when designing interior spaces. The process takes into account all the different elements and aspects of a build, and utilises a space to the best of it’s ability. As a place of temporary use and transition, the design for lobby spaces has to consider it’s aesthetic impact and it’s function as an intermediate place between the outside and destination of the user.

A lobby may act as a reception area with lounge space, relaxing and welcoming whilst providing a formal atmosphere for those who are using the lobby as the first point of contact with clients. The space needs to be open and simple for people to use, the place should guide people in and through the place, enabling them to get to where they want to be.

Its our job as the interior designers to create an environment where the lobby is a place people don’t want to leave!

One of our recently completed projects was a redesign of an existing reception area at 66 Queen Square in Bristol. We freshened up the areas with a smart colour scheme with beautiful sculptures and carefully considered lighting solutions. We mixed marble and granite surfaces with some grey and navy furnishings, complimented with bronze elements and air plants. The full case study is available here.

Here are some great examples of lobby & reception design – including several design schemes by yours truly!