Project Description

Project: Bristol Grammar School
Location: Bristol, UK
Value: £180k
WyldeIA completed several refurbishment projects for Bristol Grammar School which included redeveloping, space strategy and full specifications across different areas of the school, from a greeting area, refurb of the sixth form block and a two stage set up of a new infant’s school. Each project built upon the overall brand we established to achieve a cohesive set of spaces for almost every area of the school. 

Wylde IA created a light, bright and airy interiors scheme for the Bristol Grammar School Sixth Form, using a mixture of the pupil’s own photography and artwork. The scheme aimed to give the post-16 pupils a more grown-up environment compared to the rest of the school. Following the success of this project, Wylde were commissioned over a number or years to work closely with the Bursar and SLT on new projects implemented during summer recess.  

We interrogated the guidance for each space. In close collaboration with the heads of the science faculties we moved from a mobile lab set up in the guidance to a more preferred fixed bench solution where each pupil faces forward and has the best view of the teacher at the front of the class. We believe that spaces can still be inspiring at the same time as being practical and durable. Each lab has a wow factor and a personality of its own, whether it’s biology, chemistry or physics to accommodate GCSE or A Level classes.  

Each area we designed had its own challenges. The new Food Technology suite for 30 children was created in an old Fives court. As a mezzanine level had previously been installed, the ceiling height was very low, so we worked closely with the main contractor to design an exposed extraction system over each cooking zone. 

Other areas of the schools refurbishment included developing a cost-effective scheme for displaying trophies, cups and team photography within the school’s sports facility at the Failand site. The display was to house both current and historical items alongside a series on signed sports shirts. Using the school’s sports photography Wylde IA designed a colourful backdrop for the team photos and trophies to contrast with the utilitarian design of the building. 

Following on from the success of the initial Infants School project in the Lodge, Wylde IA was asked to develop a scheme for a 60 place Infants School within No. 5 & 6 Elton Road to accommodate Reception and Year 1. The brief was to create a variety of spaces to allow creative play. This was achieved by openingup rooms to form a large flexible spaces with areas for ICT, wet play and reading. Linking inside with the outdoor areas, originally the front and back gardens of the houses, provides a series of play areas naturally broken up into “rooms” for reading corners, ball games spaces and space for reception to play safely.  Bright colours and bold fun graphics were introduced to define different areas inside and outside. 


Bristol Grammar School is one of the country’s leading independent schools with a history that extends nearly 500 years. Wylde IA were briefed by the head of science to create a series of laboratories as learning environments for GCSE and A Level science. These were located in the School’s historic buildings.

We used a fixed bench solution and the obvious durable finishes. We branded each lab according to discipline using large format graphics applied to furniture and coordinated paint finishes. This gave each lab a unique look, giving expression to the sciences through the use of colour and design.