Project Description

The Wylde team’s HQ!


Project: Dairy Studios

Client: Wylde Interior Architecture

Location: Lawrence Hill, Bristol

“We wanted to create a vibrant working area on the first floor, maximising the light and loftiness of the space. The result is bright and spacious with the benefit of linking to the outside roof terrace. Our statement staircase links the floors together. On the ground floor we have created a collaborative series of areas that flow together, providing spaces to meet and rest in a showroom setting. We encourage our suppliers to bring in products for us to try out, this means there are always places for visitors and partners to drop in for a coffee and pick up their mail.”

Tracey Wylde, Director Wylde IA

Wylde moved into new office space alongside consulting and structural engineers Structural Solutions. The old Dairy building gives us two spacious floors which we completely ripped out and transformed into a bright, airy and creative studio.

We have a bold yellow reception area which showcases our awards and welcomes our visitors into our productive and busy environment. Downstairs, we have a beautiful showcasing area for our furniture samples complete with library and hot desks providing an informal meeting space.

We have a vibrant kitchen space with a luminous yellow and turquoise paint job. We’ve carefully designed our spaces to celebrate the original structure and characteristics of the building, by exposing raw surfaces and beams but also adding textiles that compliment and add to the industrial feel.

The second meeting space continues with the contemporary feel with smart blue uplighting and the Wylde brand celebrated with artwork graphics around the room. This meeting area is a more formal space but still away from the busy office space upstairs.

When there are no scheduled meetings this space is the perfect break out area to come and concentrate or have a pause for thought. Our staircase takes you directly into the heart of our organisation – the kitchen! If the kettle isn’t boiling, something is wrong! We keep the momentum going with a constant stream of tea, coffee and the odd slice of cake, our simple and modern kitchen area is bright and open, allowing both businesses to come and go as they please without interfering or delaying one another.

To the left of the staircase is our bright cushioned breakout space along with our colourful Wylde graffiti board and our office dog Nina’s favourite sunspot. Through the doorway we welcome you to the hub and epicentre – the office. We have a huge open plan space, with high ceilings including the traditional beams and a number of bright skylight windows. This is where we thrive!

Oh there’s a sunny roof terrace area too!