Wylde IA are in the midst of an exciting project at the Thatchers headquarters in Sandford, UK. The project which is set for completion at the end of the year has introduced new office space within the new distribution building.

We designed the workspace to accommodate around 90 employees alongside visiting staff. As part of the development we introduced modern ways of working with several collaboration areas and meeting rooms across the space.

With the project accelerating at an increasing rate, we couldn’t wait to show some of the progress shots of the impressive build. Working alongside the client we developed several design options and are implementing an exciting design scheme which incorporates the brand identity across the project.

We’ve chosen natural materials and an ‘apple-coloured’ scheme to reinforce the brand, supported by incredible views across the orchards and surrounding countryside. The design connects the administrative and business support side of the organisation together in one location. We’ve taken the opportunity of the proximity of the office areas to the impressive distribution facility, to introduce viewing windows, so that staff can see what’s going on.

Here are the preview photos from our latest site visit;


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