<strong>Tracey Wylde</strong>
Tracey WyldeDirector
WORK: Solving 3D puzzles and doodling… oh and interior design and company management

LEARN: Trained at Middlesex Polytechnic (University)

REST: Umm this sounds like a nice idea

PLAY: Hobbies include swimming & walking Eric the Border Terrorist

<strong>Amy Stone</strong>
Amy StoneDirector
WORK: Architectural and interior design

LEARN: Qualified Architect after many years of study at University of West of England

REST: On the rare occasion it happens – lying in the sun!

PLAY: Hobbies include dancing, all things crafty and walking Zara the fox red Labrador

<strong>Sam Partridge</strong>
Sam PartridgeStudio Manager
WORK: Managing a busy studio and supporting the Wylde team.. I love a good Excel spreadsheet..
LEARN: Studying & practising Buddhism & learning to silversmith

REST: A nice glass of red, enjoying a good box set on Netflix snuggled up with my cat!

PLAY: Mountain Biking, walking in forests, being Auntie Sam to my nieces.

<strong>Hanna Sipos</strong>
Hanna SiposInterior Designer
WORK: Interior Design

LEARN: BA Hons Interior Design, Kingston University

REST: Listening to an audio book on a long bus ride or dog walk.

PLAY: Cooking complicated things, learning the next language on my list, working on the next crazy craft project and taking Cielle on long walks around the fields.

<strong>Nerys Evans</strong>
Nerys EvansJunior Designer
WORK: Interior Design

LEARN: First Class BA (hons) Interior Design, UWE

REST: Relaxing in my sauna as often as I can!

PLAY: Girls nights out, family adventures, designing & making lamps

<strong>Harriet Wood</strong>
Harriet WoodMarketing, Blog, Graffiti Artist
WORK: Writing blogs, creating marketing content and painting giant murals

LEARN: BA Hons Graphic Design at University of West of England

REST: Always on the move – travelling and painting!

PLAY: Exploring new places, eating food and most things tequila related!

CielleCrowd Control / Security
WORK: Resident therapy dog for anyone who needs a fluffy cuddle!

LEARN: Close observation of the wildlife around the studio

REST: Taking a nap in the most crucial circulation choke points in the studio

PLAY: Playing fetch with every able body in the studio who is willing to throw it!

EricStudio Patrol
WORK: No thank you

LEARN: Highly educated in the most comfortable locations

REST: Often

PLAY: When forced by Nina

NinaFoxy Studio Explorer
WORK: Finding edible treats

LEARN: Patience when waiting for treats

REST: None for the wicked

PLAY: As frequently as possible, with fellow office dogs toys


Work With Us

We’re not currently hiring but we’re always keen to hear from talented designers of all levels. Feel free to send us your CV to recruitment@wyldeia.co.uk