The Art of Origami

Here in the WyldeIA studio we've decided we're going to be doing a creative Secret Santa again this year, so we've been nattering away about all things crafty - which lead to us thinking about the art of origami! The word itself comes from the Japanese words 'oru' (to fold) and 'kami' (paper) and has [...]

Pull Up A Chair

Designers have always been obsessed with the chair. Its the focal point of any discussion around industrial design and the fascination with the chair can be observed throughout design history as the pinnacle of any interior design movement. We use chairs everyday- from the drinking our coffee first thing in the morning, where we sit [...]

Colour Theory

Colour theory matters, whether you're an artist or not! We're all vaguely familiar with the rainbow colour wheel we once looked at in school - this is a concept that has been developed on and revisited since Sir Isaac Newton created a circular colour diagram back in 1666. The colour wheel is based on the [...]

Rainy weather & Architecture

As the seasons change and we get used to cloudy skies and wet pavements again, we're thinking about the wet weather and the impact it's had on the architecture and design world as we know it. We're particularly used to seeing with CGIs and digital architectural mock-ups that show buildings in glistening sunlight, radiant blue [...]

Tokyo: A Modern Metropolis

This week in the WyldeIA blog we're looking at the busiest metropolitan area in the world; Tokyo. The Japanese capital is the busiest city in the world with the largest population on the planet. Tokyo is a one of a kind "metropolitan prefecture" - a combination of a city and a prefecture, officially titled Tokyo [...]

Lobby Design

Following the completion of one of our more recent projects, we're looking at lobby and reception area design and it's importance. An often overlooked area in terms of interior design, the entrance space of any building is where all guests and users get their first (and lasting!) impression of a place. Lobbies are the spaces [...]

Powerful Place-making

Place-making is one of those terms that can seem a little fuzzy around the edges, possibly due to the multifaceted approach to the concept. In a nutshell, place-making is an all encompassing approach to the planning, urban design and management of public spaces. Whilst interior architecture focusses on the internal design and function of a [...]

Seasonal Interior Design

In the blog this week we're feeling a little autumnal, whilst the sun has been out over the weekend, it really does feel like the seasons are on the change. The schools are back and after what seemed like the quietest August we've ever witnessed in the city of Bristol (albeit not for Dairy Studios!), [...]

Burning Man : The Temporary City

Black Rock City has once again become home to one of the world's most epic temporary cities as tens of thousands of people attend Burning Man Festival. The astounding factor about this particular event is the way it is designed to be created from nothing. An architectural and landscaping challenge like no other, we take [...]

Seaside Architecture

With the end of the summer holidays on the horizon, we're thinking about the seaside and all that the beach life has to offer. The sea is the world's largest public space and belongs to everyone and no-one simultaneously. As our coastlines and oceans become increasingly prevalent in news headlines due to environmental and political [...]