Remote Workplace : Living the Dream

As interior designers and workplace consultants we pride ourselves in our effective and rapidly evolving solutions to the ever increasing, ever changing demands of the workplace. We're constantly on the look out for new trends, new technologies and new ways that the workplace is adapting. There have been major advancements in accessible technology in recent [...]


As you may know, we're all crochet mad here at Dairy Studios - which combined with being proudly Bristolian, makes a fantastic combination for this week's blog topic! We're looking back at Crafting The City's knitted phenomena appropriately named 'Briswool'. The idea was first crafted in 2013 by Vicky Harrison after a suggestion was made [...]

Patterns, Prints and Purpose!

As bold shapes, patterns and prints take over our media, fashion and interior design schemes - we're taking a look at some of the interesting and mesmerising uses for patterns. Our ability to recognise and interpret visual patterns is innate, traditionally allowing us to identify poisonous plants, distinguish predator from prey, and understand celestial events. [...]

London Design Week

It's March in a couple of days so we're looking at the month ahead and one of the most exciting interior design events in the UK - London Design Week. Held at the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, LDW is preparing for yet another show-stopping design event. With the Trade Preview commencing on 10th March and [...]

Good ‘Taste’ in Design

Our role as interior designers is to provide intelligent and successful design schemes that functional and exceptionally tasteful. But what exactly does this idea of 'taste' really mean, where does it come from and how do we achieve it? There are of course several explanations and theories around the concept of 'taste' and it's origins; [...]

Design: Food for Thought

It's our job as interior designers to make a space that works and looks great. This week in the Wylde IA blog we're thinking about places we go to for food. The restaurant and eating-out experience is one that is usually reviewed and documented according to the menu and quality of the service provided which [...]

February: Fabrics!

To start this wintery month we're looking at the effectiveness of fabrics! As Interior Designers we're constantly searching for new design solutions and creative elements that can complete a design scheme. It's not all about colour matching, but the texture and feel of fabrics can alter or enhance the experience of a space. We like [...]

Reclaimed, Reused & Recycled

This week we're looking at the world of interior design and architecture with sustainability in mind. The idea of using recycled materials and re-using plastics is one that is taking the globe by storm - not just because of the cool, edgy connotations but driven by the sheer necessity to try to reverse the mighty [...]

The Design Trends 2019

It's (somehow) still the first month of the year and we're thinking about what lies ahead. We've been looking at a range of different architectural and interior designers predictions for what will be big in 2019. We've selected some of the design trends we think will take over this year and looking at what we like, [...]

Design: Coffee House Concepts

We're big coffee drinkers here at Wylde IA, with the aroma of roast coffee beans often filling Dairy Studios several times a day. Along with our passion for coffee, we've been hanging out in the Dairy Studio library reading the 'Best of Coffee Shop Design' by Braun Publishing. As Dagmar Glück describes it "coffee is [...]