The Art of Sign Painting

The revival of hand painted signage is bringing new life to the urban environment as we know it. In the past thirty years the high street became a plethora of similar looking shop-fronts in an array of digitally produced text. Fast forward to the present day and even some of the world's largest retailers and [...]

Scratching the Surface

In the blog this week we're looking at the fine details of furnishings, fabrics and fixtures that makes or break an interior design scheme. We're talking textures! Whether designed or incidental, interior surfaces make an immediate impression and it's therefore necessary to carefully consider them as an integral part of any design scheme. Texture is all [...]

The Importance of Drawing

We're in the digital age, where we've got unprecedented access to state-of-the-art technology for nearly all of our requirements - at home, in the office and everywhere in between. With the digital revolution taking hold of life as we know it, we often question what it means to be human in a technological era, particularly [...]

Wood – The Roots of Architecture

We're exploring the roots of architecture - quite literally! This week we're talking about wood, the ultimate resource for structures, buildings and interior design. Described as both the oldest and the newest material in the construction industry, wood is one of the most simple solutions to many architectural briefs. Timber is flexible, it is durable [...]

Renovation : As Good As New

In a week where we've seen some horrific damage to a European architectural landmark, we're looking at the process of renovation. Reworking and re-designing a space is something we're experts in at Wylde IA. As the world watched the catastrophic fire engulf the Notre Dame in Paris, we look back at the cathedral's timeline of [...]

Bristol: The UK’s Most Artistic City

We've only gone and done it again. Bristol has been crowned the UK's most artistic city as a result of a survey hosted by the UK's largest hotel brand Premier Inn. When looking for a city to explore or take a weekend break, there are several factors we take into account and more often than [...]

The Sustainability Shift

This week we're focusing on the important of recycling and reusing materials with a view to sustainable practice becoming the norm across the interior architecture and design industry. WyldeIA, we spend a lot of time choosing materials and deciding on appropriate process for the very best possible design outcome for our clients. We're really conscious [...]

Interior Design for Education

The ever changing face of technology has the demand for state-of-the-art design solutions for educational centres, universities and schools. Engaging and interactive learning spaces are crucial for successful educational practice and learning. Wylde IA have worked on several educational interior design schemes and we understand the complex utilisation of timetabled activities with the evolution of teaching styles [...]

Design With A Past

Why do we have such a fascination with old things? Retro design is forever coming back into the mainstream trends with decades of the past frequently presenting themselves in a new light. My dad describes his fashion sense as "seven years out, but still bang on trend" - commenting on what might may not cool [...]

Remote Workplace : Living the Dream

As interior designers and workplace consultants we pride ourselves in our effective and rapidly evolving solutions to the ever increasing, ever changing demands of the workplace. We're constantly on the look out for new trends, new technologies and new ways that the workplace is adapting. There have been major advancements in accessible technology in recent [...]