We’re continuing our Christmas countdown – this week we’re having an architect’s Christmas. We had an interior designer’s Christmas last week, looking at ways to decorate and integrate the festivities into your home without breaking the bank or transforming the house entirely, check it out here.

This week we’re going a little bigger and bringing the Christmas spirit to you in structural form! We’re talking sculptures, ceilings, lighting and even whole buildings. From the unintentional resemblances of Christmas trees in architectural photography, to lighting structures that look like icicles and ceilings that could sit happily on the top of the tree!

We’ve sourced and collected some of the most winter wonderland cabins that we would loved to be whisked away to, to spend a cosy Christmas nestled in the snow. All of these gorgeous builds celebrate the beauty of their surroundings and are structurally unafraid of the elements around them – being practical and existing in perfect harmony with the snow fall around them. We particularly love the idea of waking up to a floor to ceiling view of a snowy forest around you, although we’re hoping the insulation is top notch!

There’s something beautifully festive about being huddled away from the cold over the festive season, which is why buildings that emit that golden glow against that natural blue winter light are so inviting. Christmas to an architect is all about shelter and creating an intimate, cosy environment to enjoy company and some time to relax together.

An architect’s christmas is all about creating a festive feel within the structures – the rest can be left to us interior designers! We’ve also found some classic xmas cheer in the form of an over-sized bauble sculpture and an isolated red and white church that looks suspiciously like it’s wearing some sort of Santa Claus outfit. What do you think?!