It’s April, it’s showery and we’re giving you some bathroom design inspiration to wash away those post-bank holiday blues! At Wylde we’d suggest the first rule of beautiful bathroom design is to assess your space – because the functionality of a bathroom is the absolute focus. Make considered decisions around storage to ensure you have an open, spacious room without cramming in too much! Not many of us are fortunate enough to have enough space for a separate bath and shower, so remember to put practicality first because it will make a huge difference in the design success!

Details are crucial! This is a space for cleansing, so you must be able to clean this space easily – think through the details such as the joinery, where will moisture and water gather? Think about the positioning of shower doors, mirrors and tiling – not only from a design standpoint but the ability to use it on a daily basis. Even the most stylish of bathroom fixture become problematic if you can’t clean them or they don’t work seamlessly.

Light and air – the most important factors in any bathroom design. There must be good air circulation to ensure moisture can escape and eliminate the risk of any dampness. Natural light is the perfect way to make a space seem bigger – so skylights, large windows and mirrors to bounce light around the room are a must!

We love biophilia in bathroom designs – make your space have spa-like serenity – include natural materials like stone, shells and lots of water loving plants. We love bespoke tiles and whilst monochrome is the perfect sophisticated palette, stepping out of the traditional for a bathroom, adding a splash of colour can be the perfect revamp! Contrasting textures is a great focal point whilst allowing you to keep the surfaces that need cleaning most, smooth and cleanable.

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