February 2020

February Flooding : Urban Architecture


As Storm Dennis has battered the UK this week, it seems there is one F that we keep hearing this February - Flooding! Currently there are over 700 flood warnings and alerts in action over the UK and there's more rain set to come. Heavy rainfall has caused multiple floods and landslides after Storm Ciara last [...]

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February: Fabrics & Flooring at SDS


SDS 2020: Fabrics, Furnishings & Flooring in February This week is the leading event for architects and designers to explore the best in surface material innovation: Surface Design Show.  The event takes place at the Business Design Centre in London and throws a spotlight on interior and exterior surfaces. Every year the show hosts exhibiting [...]

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On Site: Seco Bourges


The implementation stage! We love it! Well, we love every stage of a project, but there is nothing quiet like being on site! The dynamics and communication between client, designer and builder is so pivotal for delivering a successful scheme. Despite distance and language differences, yesterday's meeting proved the power of drawing, it’s amazing what [...]

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February: Foliage!


We're kick-starting our all things beginning with 'F' February with Foliage! As featured in many of our own projects, we love biophilia - a term coined by Edward O.Wilson describing the the urge to affiliate with other forms of life. With regards to interior architecture this can be simplified as 'bringing the outside-in'. "Biophilic design [...]

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January 2020

British Council for Offices


This week we're looking at the BCO Awards. The British Council for Offices' celebrates best practice in all aspects of the office sector and acts as Britain's leading forum for the discussion and debate of related topics. The members research, develop and communicate their methods of creating, acquiring and occupying office spaces which creates a [...]

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Above & Beyond


As Bristol-based designers we love a local project! Towards the end of 2019 we completed a new scheme for a local hospital charity, Above & Beyond. Nestled between hospital buildings, with employees split across multiple floors in cellular offices, the Bristol-based charity had outgrown their existing premises in central Bristol. In addition to their expanding [...]

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Reuse & Rework


The beginning of the year is a great time to reflect on what is important to us. As part of the WyldeIA work culture we try to evaluate and improve our ways of working or approaches to projects continuously rather than just at the beginning of the year and one of those objectives is to [...]

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Illumination Inspiration: Lighting Winter Days


As the winter draws on, this week we're bringing you some lighting inspiration! We're always designing light solutions into our projects and there's no time like the present to brighten up these dark and dreary January days! It's no secret that in the northern hemisphere winter affects our mood and mental health, the days are [...]

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January Ambitions


For the first blog of 2020, we're thinking about January Ambitions. We've decided to skirt around the term 'New Year's Resolutions' because we actually think that getting back into the swing of things after December, is ambitious enough! After the chaos of rounding projects up, Christmas parties, travelling to see family - all that eating [...]

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