The Built Environment: Design

The design of our built environment positively impacts our health, community, global sustainability,and our energy systems. Fascination with the structures that surround us, isn't just about the aesthetics but the purpose and use of these buildings, the stories they tell and the role they have in our lives. Love of architecture and interior design means [...]

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Heating Up Your Interior Design

This week we're focussing on interior design to boost our mood! It's summer and whilst we're navigating uncertain times, we want to use this space to inspire you and bring some brightness to your day. Whether you're back in the office or firmly settled into your work-from-home routine, we're here to add a splash of [...]

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Wylde Ways of Working – Using External Spaces

This week we are looking at using external spaces to help ease the pressures of social distancing in the workplace. As we get used to the “new normal” and as a plethora of businesses start to reopen, we are all re-learning how to navigate the spaces that we use. We are looking at the innovation such as, the transformation of outdoor areas into spaces that can provide respite or additional breakout and socialising places as such, businesses are having [...]

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Wylde Ways of Working : Reduced Social Distancing

Following our article from last week – we're continuing to look into the innovation through adversity as we move through these unprecedented times during the pandemic. As news breaks on how the government proposes to reduce the social distancing measures, we’re thinking about what that could look like at the workplace.  The current 2m social distancing is to be relaxed to 1m in [...]

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Ways of Working: Innovation During Covid-19 

There is no way around it, these are very complicated and challenging for business owners. Now that we’re returning to the workplace, we’re starting to navigate the complexities of social distancing and ways of managing employee safety at work during a pandemic.   As workplace consultants, this is our area of expertise – we thrive designing motivating work environments and space [...]

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The Workplace Experience

For the blog this week we're looking back on an article posted at the beginning of March, discussing the 'workplace experience' created in an office environment. We're thinking about this and how the world of work has changed in recent months, perhaps forever? The Mix Interiors article discusses the concept of the 'experience' with regards [...]

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Covid-19 Ways of Working: The Return to Work

The government has set out its “roadmap” to ease the current Covid-19 restrictions, that supports a return to work, providing it is safe to do so. Employers need to plan now for what is likely to be staged return to the workplace over what could be prolonged periods. As workplace consultants and space strategy experts, Wylde are here to help guide you through the [...]

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Virtual Wyldelife – Chelsea Flower Show 2020

We're currently working on some plans and strategies to implement social distancing within your existing workplaces. Currently, we have a live project in process and we're running a walk-through to ensure the design strategy works and is practical, allowing a safe return to work during this pandemic. Once we have checked the scheme works on [...]

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