In the Wylde blog this week we’re talking about how to create cosy spaces. Autumn is here – at least it was (now it feels summery again) but we’ve no doubt it will be cold again soon so we’re getting prepared. We’re looking into what makes spaces cosy and how to make the shift from summer to winter without breaking the bank.

By definition a cosy space gives a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation so we’re thinking about what design strategies you can use to help create this. Lighting is a really important factor in creating a warm and cosy space. Go for yellow bulbs rather white/blue lighting and turn off the overhead light – using low lighting helps create an intimate and sleepy mood.

It’s all about creating a space you want to curl up and hibernate in, so blocking out the outside world is a big part of your switch up! Use furniture to create a secluded and comfy place and add different textiles to boost the cosiness! Textures are vital to warming up a space – layering woolly fabrics and furs is enough to draw anyone in to snuggle up and forget the world outside!

Soften up a space with round edges and smooth shapes – an easy option is to introduce rugs and cushions. Keep the colour scheme on the warm side. Reds, oranges and yellows help create a toasty atmosphere – even if you’re wanting a neutral scheme pick the more golden beige tones or brown-greys! Replace silver tones with brass or copper tones and add some candles into your space!

We love an autumnal spruce up and it doesn’t have to be expensive – re-use fabrics and materials to re-upholster furniture or create cushion covers. Make your space a hibernation haven – a secret sanctuary you can return home to when the colder weather is upon us!

Check out our cosy-inspiration gallery for some ideas!