It’s our job as interior designers to make a space that works and looks great. This week in the Wylde IA blog we’re thinking about places we go to for food. The restaurant and eating-out experience is one that is usually reviewed and documented according to the menu and quality of the service provided which is why its so important the surroundings are impeccable. The interiors of restaurants create the base for an experience that aims to attract repeat custom. The space needs to represent the ethos, brand and flavours of the kitchen with an appropriate atmosphere and highly functional environment.

The reason that the interior design of a full service restaurant is make or break for the business is down to the sequence of events that provides a perfect dining experience. From the welcoming entrance and greeting, to finding your table and moving through the restaurant for both customers but more importantly for the waiting staff to be easily mobile so food and drink can be delivered smoothly and quickly. The lighting, colour scheme and furnishings need to cater to the desired atmosphere of the kitchen be it a romantic fine-dining or busting street-food inspired eatery.

With several restaurants and cafe’s design schemes under our belt we know what it takes to get this right. It all starts with an intelligent layout, a floor plan that provides for the kitchen, the storage, the service and the guests simultaneously. A perfect dining experience is one where everything runs smoothly and the focus is on the food, drink and service – not the wait, not the being bumped into and being able to hear the people you’re dining with.

We’re proud of the schemes we’ve completed – from high-end dining facilities to university and corporate cafes – we know what it takes to create a successful space for dining. We’re experts at creating, transforming and re-working spaces to accommodate state-of-the-art culinary facilities and equipment, atmospheric and intimate lighting options, acoustic panelling to ensure your guests have dinner with ease of conversation and carefully considered furniture formation to ensure top notch service!

Here’s a collection of our favourite dining interior design schemes – including some of our very own!