This weekend is Easter weekend so we’re giving you some Easter interior design tips to spruce up the dining table and give your home a general easter make-over! We’re using the Easter break to embrace all things spring-like, easter-egg themed and so much more. This isn’t redesigning the home – we’re just talking about small touches that will give an ambience and aesthetic to help embrace all things easter, eggs, rabbits, sweets and everything in between!

Spring-time is a time for refreshment and regeneration – the first stop is flowers, garlands and natural decor such as dried or pressed flowers as table ornaments. Flowers are the perfect way to celebrate growth and new-life whilst also injecting colour into a space. Consider the colours of the flowers and leaves within the room, set a colour theme around them and to compliment them.

An Easter tradition that allows everyone to get creative is decorating eggs! Decorated eggs are said to have become a tradition in Persia in ancient times, although some sources state that the activity is a Slavic pagan tradition that was later taken on as part of the Christian process of celebrating Easter as a way of symbolising the resurrection. As an activity at home – painting eggs allows the designer in all of us to let loose! Again, pick a colour palette and stick with it – paint pens are a great option (and less messy than paints!) and allow control over the aesthetic, so your scheme remains consistent!

Use the holiday as an excuse to get playful with your decor – when else can you hide chocolate everywhere, embellish the space with pastel colours and bunnies and birds?! From macrame to hand painted table decor, vases and handmade wreaths – it’s the perfect excuse to release your inner child and get crafting!

Check out our inspiration gallery and enjoy.