Another flashback to our archive of articles and interviews. This article in 2008 see’s Tracey talk through the importance of Interior Design & Architecture and the role it plays in successful businesses. This is the foundation that Wylde IA is built on – the key role played by careful and considerate design in the workplace, in schools, restaurants and hotels.

“Interior design is about more than choosing the right wallpaper and cushions. In fact Tracey Wylde of Wylde Interior Architecture says it can make a vital contribution to how your business operates.

In an ever more competitive world in which cost-cutting and finding economies are the name of the game, it’s not surprising that many SMEs consider interior designers a luxury they can do without. But that can be a false saving because getting the look and layout of your premises right will provide a pleasant and enjoyable environment in which the workforce can give their best and send a powerful message to customers.

Appointing an interior designer can help when you are moving to new premises, expanding with-in your existing buildings or simply re-vamping one area or department.

No reputable designer is just going to turn up with an array of colour swatches. Instead they’ll want to spend time to get under the skin of your business, to understand the needs of all levels and appreciate the relationships between departments and the people who work in them. It’s important to understand how departments work together and who needs to be next to whom.

It can be a complex process. So one of the ways we’ve approached it, which has brought a lot of success, is to run workshops to find out from the people on the shop floor about their ideas. Quite often they can contribute in ways in which senior managers may not have thought of themselves. These can then be incorporated into the design and greatly improve efficiency. There’s another advantage to this. By empowering people in this way, they really buy into new ideas rather than building resistance because they’ve had them imposed from above.

Once the nature of the business has been understood, the designer can start work on the creation of the new look. At this stage they’ll also be taking the existing company identity into account to ensure the scheme shows the desired face to the outside world. When it comes to the final presentation of the design we normally offer a variety of colour schemes and special features but hopefully the time spent understanding the brief will ensure a good match with the needs of the business.

The moment you move into new premises is a good time to think about a fresh design but for many businesses that’s not possible. They want a change whilst continuing to operate. Designers can also help work out schemes which enable you to do just that – perhaps making use of other available space or renting temporary accommodation. It’s vital to make it as painless a process as possible but people are usually willing to put up with some short term inconvenience if they see long term improvements to their working environment.

Over time fashions may change but at the heart of good design lies a way of providing a practical, efficient and enjoyable working environment. We may see more working from home or hot-desking but people will still need to gather to discuss, consult and create – they’ll do that best if they are in the right surroundings. ”

It has indeed stood the test of time, reworking a space will increase the work rate and lower the rate of churn or employee turnover. Wylde IA have been successfully designing, created and rolling out schemes that have transformed the working environment and the way we work today.