It’s winter, it’s dark and it’s all a bit gloomy out there, so we’re reminding you about the wonderful Danish culture of Hygge. We’ve talked about it before and it seems the whole world has gone hygge-mad in the past couple of years.

Hygge (pronounced ‘Hue-gah’) describes a feeling of cosiness and contentment. It is all about homeliness, warmth and being around loved ones. It’s the perfect way to get together and create a sense of place – of course, in true Scandi-style, there are some wonderful design elements to it too.

Like most design schemes whether they’re big or small – there are certain, simple considerations that can transform your surroundings. Firstly we’re thinking about light. To create a sense of cosiness we’re talking warm, yellow lamps and where possible – candles or lanterns. There is no light quite like fire light and it comes with added warmth!

Use raw materials – we use this in so many of our design schemes as the concept of Biophilia is scientifically proven to have a positive impact on us. Bringing the outside in affects our emotional state and energy levels – whether it’s in the form of plants, sprigs of holly, branches or slates and stone – not only will these look great, but you’ll feel better too!

Another way to guarantee warmth and cosiness is to layer up – get comfy with faux furs, cushions and blankets. Not only do these soft furnishings bring texture and colour to a space but they can really help personalise a room and make it yours!

Leaning away from the interior design side of Hygge there are some things the Danish prioritise as part of this culture – these include reading books, wearing comfy clothes and slippers, eating good food and being around friends and family….

Sounds good to us, what do you reckon?