Yes, we’re jumping on the bandwagon and the interior design scheme this week is Barbie! Whether you’ve seen the film or not, the Barbie aesthetic is one we’re all familiar with. This week in the Wylde blog we’re talking Palm Springs midcentury modernism, pink and that surreal “authentic artificiality” represented by the Barbie DreamHouse.

The charm of Palm Springs midcentury modernism lies in its ability to effortlessly merge sleek sophistication with a relaxed, sun-soaked ambiance. Characterized by clean lines, functional designs, and a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, this design movement perfectly complements the Barbie aesthetic. To infuse your own living spaces with the spirit of Palm Springs (and/or Barbie!) , consider incorporating low-slung furniture, geometric patterns, and pops of bold, contrasting colours.

The dreamscape desert dwelling is the perfect set-up for a fascinating amalgamation of the real and the fantastical—an embodiment of “authentic artificiality” – a term coined by the Director of the new film. This concept invites designers to play with the boundaries of reality, combining elements of luxury, playfulness, and artistic expression to craft a space that sparks joy and intrigue. Consider adding unexpected elements like oversized statement furniture, bold wall decor, and quirky decor pieces that challenge conventional design norms. By embracing this playful paradox, you’ll create an environment that captures the essence of the Barbie DreamHouse—a space where imagination knows no bounds!

“We were literally creating the alternate universe of Barbie Land,” said the director. As a case in point, she cites the use of a hand-painted backdrop rather than CGI to capture the sky and the San Jacinto Mountains. “Everything needed to be tactile, because toys are, above all, things you touch.”

Going all in and fancy a lick of paint? Bright pink is the epitome of boldness and confidence, and incorporating this shade into your interior design can result in a space that exudes energy, vibrancy, and a touch of theatrical charm. Channel the fearless spirit of Barbie’s DreamHouse by using bright pink as a primary colour, dominating your space with its audacious presence. Imagine a stunning accent wall in a vivid fuchsia shade, instantly becoming the focal point of the room and setting the tone for a space that’s unapologetically vibrant! After all, Magenta is the Pantone colour of the Year – and you heard it here first!

Here’s some dreamy, fuschia-fantasty inspired interior design, surreal CGIs and Palm Spring style imagery to get you started…