This week in the Wylde blog we’ve got an October colour palette in olive green! Some of the most popular autumnal shades this year are deep, earthy hues such as greens in olive or mossy shades complimented with warm-toned browns, tans and caramels, and warm neutrals such as beiges and off whites to soften the space. In contrast to last week’s rusty reds and burnt oranges, we’re flipping to the other side of the colour wheel complete and opting for olive. October signals a transition into a season of cosiness and warmth. We always associate this beautiful time of year with the great outdoors, big walks and lots of greenery – so use this as a sign to infuse your living spaces with a palette that mirrors the natural beauty of autumn.

If the hotter shades weren’t for you, here’s your time to explore the timeless elegance of olive green and similar hues in your interior design scheme. We’re talking about a pretty specific shade – Olive green. A colour synonymous with serenity and sophistication, is inspired by the verdant landscapes and rich foliage that define this month. Its muted, earthy undertones create a calming atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of interior spaces.

Because of it’s almost neutrality, this is a colour you can dare to go big with. In the living room, consider incorporating olive green as a dominant colour. Its a  versatile shade and so works well as a backdrop against which other colours can shine. A sofa in a muted olive tone can be paired with accent pillows in complementary shades like burnt orange, warm gold, or deep burgundy. Complete the look with natural wood furnishings and a few metallic accents to add depth and visual interest.

Now this one is a favourite of ours – we think there’s no better space for a splash of olive or some sumptuous sage paint than in the kitchen!  Infuse your culinary spaces with the timeless allure of these shades – it could be a complete cabinet overhaul or by adding a feature wall. This choice not only exudes a sense of refinement but also blends seamlessly with a variety of countertop materials, from marble to butcher block. Pair with brass or copper hardware for a touch of luxury!

Due to it’s tranquil nature, olive is also a great colour for relaxing spaces – such as bedrooms or even bathroom spaces – transform your quiet spaces into tranquil sanctuaries with olive green as the primary colour. Choosing bedding and curtains in shades of olive, balanced with cream or off-white walls. Add texture with natural-fiber rugs, and opt for wooden furniture to enhance the organic feel. In the bathroom opt for hints such as towels and candles or go for lighter shades for tiling for a super opulent spa-like surrounding!

We’ve collected some of our favourite olive-inspired design schemes – but you can’t go wrong with olive! Embracing olive green and similar colour palettes in your October interior design is a timeless choice that connects your living spaces with the natural beauty of the season. By incorporating this sophisticated hue into your home, you create an atmosphere of tranquility and elegance that will be enjoyed throughout the year. Happy decorating!