We wanted to kick start your week by talking about our furry best friends; dogs! We’re huge puppy-lovers here at Wylde IA and we want to give you more reasons to convince your boss to let you bring your dog to work. Dairy Studios is often run by Eric, Nina and Cielle, our office pups who make the workplace an even happier place to be. Don’t believe us? – here’s the evidence;

Dogs lower stress in the workplace – they initiate movement and exercise which, rather than being a distraction, actually promotes concentration. We all spend far too long sat at our desks staring at the computer, now there’s a friendly, furry reminder who will make sure you stretch your legs!

Here’s some rather pleasing scientific evidence; stroking a dog can increase levels of oxytocin, a hormone that reduces stress. Other studies have shown that stroking a dog reduces blood pressure and anxiety. A calmer working environment will allow for more relaxed conversations. A happier mood across the organisation will in turn motivate and encourage risk-taking and productivity.

Relationships between employees can be strengthened by having a dog in the office. The morale is boosted and interaction between co-workers is increased, think of your cute, furry friend as a constant team builder – perfect!

Having office dogs can also be a great way of reducing the rate of churn in an organisation with dog owners being much more likely to stay hard-working and loyal to the company. So, show your boss this blog and then send us some photos of you at work with your pup!

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten – here’s a gallery of our wonderful office dogs running Dairy Studios!