Project: H3G

Location: Reading, UK

Project Size: 85,000 sq ft, 3 floors & 6 wings

Project Value: £4.5m of which £2.1m was build

“It was an incredible result and one that has raised the Workspaces profile and reputation even further…”

David Russell, Head of Workspace Design & Delivery

“I was so blown away by the Meadow Café. The environment, the design, the service – it was all amazing. It felt like a completely different space and somewhere you’d choose to go… An achievement to be very proud of as it will make a difference to many people on a daily basis.”

Amanda Lambert, People & Customer Director

The brief for this exciting project was to provide a unique and interesting environment that would knit together culture and technology supported by the physical space. Underpinned by the 5 principles of Flexibility, Collaboration, Wellness, Stimulation and Digital.

Wylde developed a brand theme that worked with H3G’s new campaign of outside spaces and their objective of becoming the Best Brand by 2021.

The idea of beautiful spots was conceived and a competition was launched for employees to suggest their favourite places across the country. Colours and finishes tied this in with a sky, land and sea theme, from top to bottom of the building.

From the success of the Maidenhead project, we were appointed to carry out workplace design working with the same H3G team in Reading. 

The Reading project had a very short turn around running from February until September – comprised of three floors in three wings – one of which was completely empty and provided decent space for us to work with.

We continued the design scheme from the Maidenhead project to maintain the brand identity and successful elements from the project.

We used our expertise to design and develop ideas for stand-up meetings & introduced other collaboration spaces that encouraged flexible working and integration within the office.

We created a new training space in the bridge which included informal breakout areas to attract activity from the traditional meeting rooms.

To create a rich interior brand for the Outside. Inside. theme, illustrations were developed by H3G’s own branding team together with a series of patterns that reinforced the sky, land and sea theme.

The patterns were printed or cut from a variety of materials and used to define collaboration areas, glass manifestations and acoustic products.

Each element of the interior, from flooring to painted walls, help add to the colour theme and texture of each floor.

H3G recognise that their most valuable business asset are their employees; retaining and attracting high calibre people is key to their success and we have created an environment to inspire productivity!