After the success of our initial Seco Tools design for the company’s UK head office in Alcester, the design scheme won several awards and was chosen to be rolled out worldwide across Seco’s offices. The Seco Budapest office was the latest office that took on the Seco brand. The new workplace has been carefully designed and developed to make the most of the space available. The office is divided into client facing areas – including a large seminar room and an energising, bright break-out space  complete with coffee bar. The work stations are in the light and airy open plan office with meeting, hot-desking and collaboration spaces. The office area features state-of-the-art technology utilising screens and storage units with write on surfaces and pin boards as space dividers instead of walls, allowing for a flexible space where future expansions can be easily implemented.

This particular project was relatively small scale compared to some of our other Seco schemes which allowed us to cater the design to the Hungarian heritage of the office. Mixed with the Scandinavian style and material palette of the Seco brand, we introduced local influences to the patterns, furniture, imagery and inspirational quotes. This was an important aspect of the project as it allowed people to have ownership of their workplace and feel more connected to the space while maintaining the Seco brand aesthetics.

“On behalf of the entire Seco team I want to say a big thanks for your dedicated job in designing our new Seco office in Hungary. The project has ended today and now our only duty is to clean the office area and enjoy this new beautiful design and nice new furniture. I want to highlight how the client’s need was always in the focus of your mind which is very much appreciated in a project like this. The office fulfills all our requirements, both from a practical and an aesthetic point of view. Now, our workplace is a space where our team members can feel comfortable, inspired and boosted in productivity to achieve maximum performance. I want to extend my appreciation to the skilled build team and the skilled design team – both showed the highest level of professionalism and dedication throughout this project. So, thanks again and I wish you all the success in your similar projects within and out of Seco Tools!”

– Ervin Fövényesi, SECO HU Managing Director

Check out some snaps of this project – it’s very nearly complete and we’re so proud to have been involved in yet another successful Seco project!