March in the UK isn’t exactly the height of spring, but we’ll take it as an excuse to do some well designed spring cleaning! Traditionally the idea of “spring cleaning” comes from the oncoming of spring bringing warm weather (we’re waiting!)… The changes in the season presented an opportunity to air out the house and clean it of soot and all the grime accumulated over the winter months from constantly lit open fireplaces. Whilst our spaces may not be in need of de-sooting, as interior designers we love any excuse to freshen up a room.

In line with the original tradition, spring cleaning is the perfect excuse for you to let some light in. March is when we really start to see longer days, brighter mornings and evenings, so now is the time to reintroduce some light into your space! Ideally, you want to maximise daylight, this can be done by freeing up space near any windows allowing light to pour in, but also, mimicking daylight is an effective way of creating the illusion of illumination! Carefully considered placement of mirrors and reflective surfaces will literally bounce light around the room, making those dark corners brighter.

The beginning of the month is a great marker for change – as are the changes in the seasons. We also like to lighten up the colour palette to freshen up the aesthetic – replacing woolly blankets and furry throws with lighter fabrics and colours. Textiles, artwork and furniture can all add a lighter and more spring-like feel to any space. Spring is all about rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth so what better way to embrace this then to add some plants and greenery to your room.

A favourite concept of ours at WyldeIA is biophilia – the human appreciation for the physical beauty of the natural world. We use plants, artwork/photography and green tones to replicate the outdoors giving us the boost we get from being around nature, but whilst we’re at home or in the workplace. Spring cleaning is the perfect way to refresh the interior design of your space, add some colour, plants and light whilst mentally preparing yourself for longer, lighter days.