This month we’re quite literally stepping into September with our blog this week focussing on stairs! We’ve embarked on many projects here at Wylde where we have designed and implemented new stairways that are practical but also a beautiful statement piece of design within the scheme.

First things first, stairs are designed to get us from A to B so careful consideration of layout is a must. Initially, it’s important to analyse the floorplans and the designed or current layout. Whilst discussing options assess what works and what doesn’t with different staircase design options. This process allows for an accurate assumption of whether a new connection between the floor spaces will function whilst also allowing room forĀ  aesthetically pleasing options. The goal is to find a balance between the two.

It’s essentially about working out what stairs will work within the space. Consideration of the height of the ceiling and space available will determine whether a straight-running staircase or a winding/spiral option is more viable. The practical components need to be worked out first and then the fun can commence working out what style to introduce. It’s vital the staircase suits not only the design scheme but also the interior architecture of the space – will a modern industrial staircase suit an old townhouse or would something more classic suit?

The materials are an important aesthetic consideration but also needs to be factored into construction method and practicality. Different priorities require different approaches – if the staircase is a means of access and connection rather than a feature piece then the practical function of the structure is key, whereas if the staircase is designed as a striking focal piece and the usage demand isn’t great, then different materials or finishes can be explored.

Once the location and the rise and run of the staircase has been decided – the design can be played with to meet the aesthetic demand of the whole interior design scheme. Wylde have designed bespoke staircases into our schemes – a beautifully crafted wooden spiral feature at SECO Tools’ head office in Alcester and a stunning orange routed panelled staircase for Exactaform!

Check out some of our own designs along with some design inspiration in our staircase gallery here;