This week in the Wylde blog we’re serving you yellow interior design sunny -side up! With a summer like 2022 we’re going to have to bring the sunshine to you to ensure it sticks around – so how can yellow be introduced stylishly into an interior design scheme?

First thing to know about yellow as a colour is that the tone matters. Careful and considered use of yellow in interior design is vital. In colour theory, yellow is considered both energetic, as well as having sickly and negative connotations. Yellow rooms can drum up negative feelings of frustration on people if used incorrectly… No pressure then?! If executed well – yellow kicks out great energy and vibrance. It’s a great accent colour that can exude optimism and positivity!

Yellow is a colour most commonly associated with happiness, laughter and sunshine so why not harness those emotions by injecting some yellow into your interior design. Last year the Pantone Colour of the Year was a bold Yellow & Grey duo – named Illuminating & Ultimate Gray – proof that it’s time to embrace bold, bright colours and use complimentary colours to execute the ultimate stylish look.

Not all shades or tones of yellow are going to give the same aesthetic. The colder the hue, the harder it is to use and the more sparingly it should be used! Warm, saffron tones offer a cosy, relaxed atmosphere that can be mixed with browns, reds and natural materials whereas a zingy, primary yellow may require more brutal greys and metallics to cut through and neutralise it’s loudness.

We love a sleepy buttercup yellow as a feature wall colour – it’s bright and energising but soft enough to keep the palette relaxing for a functional space. Lemon yellow is a fairly unnerving colour to be surrounded by so factor this in to what the purpose of the space is – if you’re working from this space pick a tone that is going to allow you to concentrate!

Here’s a compilation of yellow interior design ideas to get you thinking – perhaps going all out with a bright yellow kitchen unit isn’t for you – but a snazzy yellow sofa could do the trick!