This week in the Wylde blog we’re exploring the art of creative thinking – it’s a hot topic at the moment and being creative isn’t just for us designers and artists! Creativity is about coming up with unique thoughts and ideas – creative thinking is the ability to come up with original solutions. Also known as creative problem-solving, creative thinking is a valuable skill not only for work but will help carry you through life too! This is precisely what people mean when they say “think outside the box” – it’s about new approaches, different views and innovation.

But simply knowing what creative thinking is, certainly doesn’t make it come easy. As most of us have experienced, it’s when the pressure is on to come up with a new idea, an original solution or an innovative approach to a task that all of our ‘good’ ideas seem absolutely unattainable. Fear not – we’re here to explain some of the tips to improve and encourage creativity and creative thinking. Step one – expand your imagination! Sounds fun right? Creativity is the result of observing, learning and interpreting information around us – the more we take in, the more we absorb inspiration and dream big. The possibilities really are endless and it’s important to focus your thoughts and feed your brain information surrounding the task at hand. What solutions have been dreamt up before, why and how – then elaborate – what would you change and why, then how cold you change the approach. Practicing dreaming up solutions will encourage your brain to do so more freely and easily!

Set boundaries – we can’t be creative all the time, and attempting creative thinking 24/7 would be a frustrating time for even the artists among us. It’s important to set time aside for creativity – but be careful it’s not open ended. Designated time for cohesive creative thinking time has been proven to be a successful way to generate imaginative and innovative ideas. Its also really important to collaborate and communicate – bouncing ideas off others is a proven way to expand and progress an initial concept. Taking one thought and sharing it can allow others to redirect and discuss its potential and allow for alternate pathways to be created. It’s all well and good thinking of something new and exciting but the chances are you’ll need to be a team player in order to see the idea come to life.

It’s something we’ve become pretty good at in Dairy Studios – at Wylde we check in with one another and our projects daily, we schedule our practical and administrative time but always ensure time for creating is a priority and never an after thought. We’re proud to be a team of experienced and adaptable problem solvers, space strategists and experts in interior architecture. We work collaboratively with project partners, surveyors, landlords, developers, architects and fit-out companies, to name a few! Find out more about our ‘Wyldeology’ here.