You can’t design a successful workplace without addressing your new-age workplace strategy. A vital part of creating and designing a workplace that will encourage and inspire your people to be more motivated, productive and loyal to the work they’re doing is by putting your company culture and strategy at the core of the business.

New Year, New You? It’s time to unpack the key values of the organisation you want to be, and put them at the centre of everything you do. We’re talking big picture, long lasting initiatives and core change management to inform the design of your physical spaces. Long gone are the days of working 9 to 5, Monday to Friday – we know this isn’t conducive to a productive workforce – so why create a workplace tailored to an outdated strategy. It’s time all companies embraced the new-age hybrid work model and addressed the objectives to ensure a competent and recalibrated workplace.

It’s necessary to implement policies and initiatives that support the physical, mental, and emotional health of the workforce – this means out of the office too. Offer flexible work hours, wellness programmes, and resources for remote employees to create a healthy work-life balance. Don’t tick box – the results will come thick and fast if you truly support the workforce and champion their individual needs and real-life situations.

Workplace consultation combined with change management is the key to successful business with a workplace strategy and design scheme taking the lead. The employees inform the workplace strategy – and the employees include the new starter, the receptionist as equal parts to the company leaders – no one employees experience is less valid than another, and the whole picture is the basis of a successful workplace strategy.

When an innovative, forward thinking and inclusive workplace strategy informs the business decisions and is the bottom line – success is inevitable. Need to get a new-age workplace strategy? It’s about time! Get in touch to see how Wylde & MONTROC Consulting can transform your organisation from the inside out.