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A look back at our very own Tracey Wylde’s pet hates – an article in The Shredder.

“Tracey started Wylde IA in 1996 after running BDG McColl’s design team and working for Tilney Shane: recent workplace projects include offices for Balfour Beatty and environmental intelligence company Landmark. Her Shredder choices are based on the frustrating things that arise in the studio – cold calls, dull walls, and the way that learning environments are designed without children in mind.

School Design – Most new schools seem to be designed as if children will never set foot in them. Schools are not offices or shopping malls. They are places where children should be inspired and nurtured in a safe and comfortable environment. Let’s shake up the design of educational establishments and create awe-inspiring spaces, somewhere where children actually want to be and learn.

Compensation Calls – Pre-recorded cold calls from banks, PPI companies, ambulance chasers… These calls are always an interruption to the design flow – not to mention so disappointing when you think it’s a client calling to chat through some fabulous scheme!

Boring Interiors – A classic combination of dull walls and ‘practical’ carpets seems to be a staple in offices the world over. Considering the enormous amount of square footage taken up with walls and flooring I’m always amazed by such mind-numbing materials. We work with innovative suppliers that come up with all sorts of amazing solutions to create beautiful walls and stunning flooring. New products are coming onto the market all the time. There’s really no excuse… using the word “magnolia” at Wylde IA is a sackable offence.”

Hear, hear  Tracey!


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