For the blog this week we’re looking back on an article posted at the beginning of March, discussing the ‘workplace experience’ created in an office environment. We’re thinking about this and how the world of work has changed in recent months, perhaps forever? The Mix Interiors article discusses the concept of the ‘experience’ with regards to the workplace. We’re introduced to this idea by assessing how hotels and restaurants are seen as a hospitality experience, shopping is deemed a leisure experience and how this can be applied to the office. The work experience is created as occupiers, developers and designers focus on a sense of community and culture rather than just the physical elements.

If a workspace has to be more than just a place you go to work, does this mean a healthy workplace culture can be extended across digital zoom meet ups and teams working from their homes? We think there are elements and ways of working that can be integrated into these strange times, although we know from our own experiences, being in the studio together can’t be replaced entirely. However, we mimick the routines from our days in the office as best we can – even our daily rituals like having a coffee and a chat first thing in the morning everyday before we discuss what needs to be done, albeit all from our computer screens!

‘Experience’ is one of the first topics most clients now talk about – our workplaces simply have to offer more than just a place to be. A positive experience at work is key to employee retention, motivation and even competitiveness. We know that the workforce thrives when employees feel appreciated and listened to, so the workplace has to reflect and instigate these reactions. Spaces need to feel inclusive and comfortable, so employees can focus on their work rather than distractions.

As we compile our next Covid-19 Ways of Working blog, we think it’s really important to keep the ‘work experience’ at the forefront of any new measures.  With the return to work beginning, physical changes to the office in order to implement social distancing are going to impact the way that employees feel with they’re in the space. It is crucial we take the wellbeing and comfort of employees into consideration as we keep everyone safe – a stressful, complicated environment will be detrimental to the productivity of the team. The experience at work during this pandemic needs to the best it can be for your team and that involves creating a strategy that includes the experience of the employees alongside the new social distancing rules.