This week in the Wylde blog we’re giving you our winter work-from-home hacks to keep you warm and motivated. The temperature has plummeted and in true British style, we just can’t stop telling each other how cold it is outside!

First thing is first – it can be really (really) tempting to stay wrapped up in your duet all morning/day to avoid facing the cold but we can promise you – no matter how much of good idea this may feel like, it is not going to help you get your working day done faster! Obviously, the Wylde priority at the beginning of any working day is to put the kettle on before touching any emails.

Coffee in hand, it’s important you are working from the brightest room available at home. Not only will this be the warmest room in the house, but it will keep you alert and promote productivity. We know it’s not doable to keep the heating on 24/7 so make sure you take regular breaks and move around to stop the cold from setting in. Wear lots of layers (and snuggly socks / silly slippers) and we’d recommend investing in a hot water bottle.

Again, don’t hate us for it, but it’s really important you work from a desk. Your sofa with all its comfy cushions and a blanket may seem tempting but it won’t motivate you or energise you. Your posture is a very important consideration, after all – you do this every day – your habits are important and you need to be sat at a desk with your back upright and feet on the floor.

One of the hardest things about a British winter is the lack of daylight – some days it literally feels like the sun never came up – so choose your lighting carefully. Read our recent blog here on winter lighting hacks – Lighten Up. A daylight lamp is a good investment – mimicking natural light rather than artificial, so it will help keep you alert and help boost your mood on the dingiest of days.

Keep communication lines open and where possible – keep it casual. The Wylde team regularly sign on to an online meet up at the beginning of the day and leave it running so questions can be asked and chat can commence in the same way it would in the traditional studio environment. This promotes the brainstorming and creative conversations that happen naturallly when team members are sharing a space. Don’t cut yourself off from your work environment – we’ve all been parts of Zoom meetings that could have been an email, but similarly a quick phone call to discuss your ideas, saves you spending a day working on something that you will end up redoing.

Also, our final hack – you’ll like this one – is to take your breaks seriously! Get out and about on your lunch break, the exercise will help keep you awake but it will ignite ideas and get your creativity flowing. Take breaks to make tea and coffee but try not to snack all day!

Find a routine of working that works for you. Working from home isn’t for everyone – so make it work for you!