The best cities for work-life balance have been announced for this year according to Bloomberg. Studies have been done to assess places based on their social activities, work stress and liveability to work out which cities really do have it all going on for those who live and work there. The research looked at factors including work intensity and city liveability alongside health care quality, if the cost-of-living was affordable and if workers were allowed sufficient time off. This week in the Wylde blog we’re looking at how work-life balance can be achieved and who’s doing it best!

The concept of balancing your career goals with a rich and fulfilled life outside of the office may seem like a distant dream, but it’s not impossible. Countries that support and reward their workers with decent pay, generous holiday and benefits, have employees that are happier and are therefore motivated and productive. As workplace consultants at Wylde, we don’t just make spaces that look pretty – we also advise and guide our clients to achieve the best possible working environment. In order to get the most out of a workspace, we analyse the ways in which the client works and how they could work better. The benefits of incorporating the ways of working into the interior architecture of a workplace will include, space efficiency, flexibility for future changes, accommodating growth and changes of head-count, improved communication and collaboration, a stronger brand, reduced running costs, attracting new talent, staff engagement, well being, improved morale and productivity.

So who does it best? Unsurprisingly the Scandis are way up there at the top with Olso and Helsinki making the top 3 and Bern in Switzerland coming in at number 2. These cities are renowned for their high quality of life – with residents all being paid a high wage and reporting a low association of stress with their career. Employees in Helsinki report taking around a whole month off work per year in contrast to just one week for workers in Los Angeles.

But times have changed and the way we all work has changed too. The pandemic saw the majority of the world thrown into lockdown and commence a new normal work-from-home routine. Not everyone has returned to the office and many businesses have successfully adapted to a hybrid model of working – allowing employees to continue to work from home when they choose to and use the office when necessary offering flexibility and a greater work-life balance. The best cities to work from home from include Singapore, Washington and Austin – our very own Liverpool hit the top 10 too!

Sadly some cities just haven’t got it right – there is a culture of overworking and stress associated with jobs but also an expectation of long hours and poor holiday or health care. The worst cities for work-life balance are Dubai, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur but somewhat surprisingly Singapore (the best city to work from home from) makes the list followed by Lisbon and Budapest.

We believe it is so important to find a balance that allows you to live and work – spend time with your friends and family, have hobbies and time to relax whilst also being able to pursue and develop in your professional field. At Wylde we are firm supporters of flexible and remote working – we all do it as a team and it works for us! Find out more about why we believe flexibility is the key to success here!