We’re taking a look back at one of our past projects at Bristol Grammar School. Wylde IA worked in collaboration with Designscape. Designscape is a design-led architecture practice, with a wide range of projects throughout the UK. Similarly to Wylde IA, they too work across all sectors –  with current work ranging all the way from residential projects and larger housing schemes to a production studio and art gallery. This week we’re taking a look at an article on the Designscape online portfolio at the shared school project:

“The school occupies a constricted site in the centre of Bristol, over successive years the historic heart of the school has been extended by the addition of a number of additional buildings, which now occupy much of the available site. External space for pupils and staff, play and building services is restricted. Some of these later C20th additions are no longer being utilised as originally intended and are also in need of upgrading. Working with Interior Architects, Wylde IA we undertook a feasibility study developing a series of proposals to reorganise the schools existing sports hall facility and provide a new Performing Arts Centre and re-purposing under-utilised external space to create recreation and external performance space.”

Wylde IA went on to work with school developing designs that worked with specific locations within the school. All the solutions were very carefully executed fulfilling the design briefs, practicality and durability due to a school environment being such a busy environment.

Wylde IA understand the complex utilisation of timetabled activities with the evolution of teaching styles and technology. We work with you to better understand the spatial demands of your school, college, university or workplace and suggest areas for improvement, remodelling or something more substantial. Wylde IA will suggest ways to include advances in technology, furniture, materials and practices to ensure you are left with an inclusive space for collaborative and formal teaching with adaptable environments to support and inspire.

Take a look at some of our projects for the “Learn” environment here: http://www.wyldeia.co.uk/learn