This week for our final blog in April we’re talking about abstract architecture. This style of architecture is a design approach that replaces traditional straight lines with the weird and wonderful! Abstract by definition means to separate something from something else and this exciting and extravagant building design style uses shape, form and colour to make these projects other worldly!

Building design in strategic terms is fairly straight forward, but the discipline of architectural practice is to rethink what is achievable with regards to building structures. Contemporary abstract architecture embodies coherency between light, materials and volumes. The perfect balance between practicality, functionality and creativity can be struck with geometric shapes and curves taking the place of traditional brick walls and concrete.

We especially love the architectural designs that throw light and use reflection to create a built environment that manipulates and plays with the landscape around it.

Abstract design follows several principles that include the rule of thirds, unique corners, the diagonal method and value composition. Abstract architecture often aims to have a focal point or one area that draws the eye more so than the rest of the project. These buildings aim to be visually eye-catching, aesthetically outstanding buildings!

The other-worldly design should be engaging, unique and ambitious to ‘make it’ as a bold piece of abstract architecture. Line-work is particularly important in successful and aesthetically pleasing architecture from curves, wavy shapes to a criss-cross of sharp diagonal lines – we’ve seen it all. As with other abstract artwork (in different mediums) effective and eye-catching composition combined with colour and materials is what creates good architecture. Meticulous planning, strategy and execution is imperative to creating these projects that are like no other.

We’ve created a gallery of abstract architecture to get your creative juices flowing – from clever use of materials to designs that looked like they were sent from outer-space. Enjoy!