This week for our Wylde Insight we’re looking at mood-boards. An integral part of the design process for any interior architecture or design scheme is creating mood-boards. It’s one of our favourite parts of the job and the process where we get to be creative and flesh-out the aesthetics of a scheme. A mood-board is where we get to dream up a recipe of all the key elements of the space and how they complement and contrast with each other – this includes textures, patterns, colours and finishes.

The purpose of a mood-board is to present the design scheme in a way that brings everything together in a tactile and visual way. Often it’s important that the client can get a real feel for the schemes we’re developing – to see how finishes are integrated into the design and how the brand identity has been implemented. We love when a client trusts us to be daring with a design but it’s only fair that they can have a glimpse of what they’re getting during the process!

Physical mood-boards are carefully curated – we work our way through the brief that has been set by the client and answer each element with a suitable solution. We use samples from our trusted suppliers and if necessary search for new approaches or materials. We love to compliment sophisticated materials with bright, vivacious colour palettes and introduce textures and patterns that will allow for a designed space that stands out from the rest.

Our Wylde tips on creating the perfect mood-board is to gather inspiration – whether its from new trends, old styles or fashions or perhaps you’re trying to focus on a specific colour palette – feed your inspiration with what is out there in the world! Visualisation is a critical part of the design stage, so ensure there is room for adjustments and experimentation as you go. Often we will create a series of options that can be switched in and out – after all, interior architecture is a practice that requires flexibility in response to the need to be practical and functional as well as stunning…

Check out our Wyldeology to see the Wylde design process from start to finish. If you’re unsure where to start with your design needs give us a call and we’ll get the ball rolling over a coffee!