As spring begins to blossom we’re looking at all things floral and botanical and what they bring to an interior design scheme – and we mean any interior design scheme. We know, we’re not quite there yet but with the temperatures (just about) in double figures, we’re starting to see the changes in the seasons on the horizon. Spring time is the time to freshen up any design scheme and rejuvenate.

The idea of spring cleaning is especially prevalent in climates with a cold winter, referring to the thorough cleaning of the home. Traditionally, in houses which would be heated by open fires in winter, the spring clean would allow for the airing out and ‘de-sooting’ of the home as the warmer weather was welcomed in. We like spring and the new lease of life it brings so why not use it as an excuse to refresh your design schemes and add in some nature!

Not only do floral designs offer a biophilic element to your interior design scheme but they also present an opportunity to introduce colour and softness into a space. A floral fix is guaranteed to breathe new life into your space – be it via plants on your desk or floral fabrics or prints. There is evidence of floral design being a huge part of interior design since 2,800 B.C and whilst back then flowers and floral prints were reserved for the higher members of society, now we have so many floral, botanical and plant-related options to spruce up our homes!

As workplace consultants we know how to design practical and corporate environments that aid productivity and motivation – but that doesn’t mean there can’t be floral elements in there. From giant floral murals to artwork and even an entire meadow themed floor – there is always room for nature.

Check out some of our favourite schemes where we’ve incorporated the great outdoors into our own schemes, we’ve also added a couple of design schemes that we love from elsewhere – let’s get ready for springtime!